How to load your data from BL.INK to MySQL

Pipes allows you to automatically replicate your BL.INK data into MySQL on your defined schedule.
Load all your data from BL.INK to MySQL to instantly get access to your BL.INK data. This data will always be updated on your defined schedule.
Pipes allows you to automatically load your BL.INK data into MySQL. With ready-to-use connectors and pre-built data schemas for more than 200 APIs and web services you build data pipelines in minutes and without any coding. ​

Connect to MySQL

This will be the destination of all data pipelines you build. Besides MySQL, Pipes supports the most used relational databases in the cloud and on-premises.

Connect to BL.INK

Just enter your credentials to allow Pipes access to the BL.INK API. Then Pipes is able to retrieve your data from BL.INK.

Create a data pipeline from BL.INK to MySQL

Pipes lets you select the data from BL.INK you want to have in MySQL. This pipeline will run automatically on your defined schedule!

About BL.INK

BL.INK is a short link management platform that enables businesses to make smarter use of their links by creating custom-branded short links using actual words, in order to manage their brand identity.

About MySQL

MySQL is a popular open-source RDBMS (relational database management system). It has become one of the leading database choices for large-scale websites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo. MySQL is offered under two different editions: the open source MySQL Community Server and the proprietary Enterprise Server. The MySQL Enterprise Server is differentiated by a series of proprietary extensions which install as server plugins but is built from the same code base.

Your benefits with Pipes

Get central access to all your data

Access data from 200+ data sources with our ready-to-use connectors and replicate it to your central data warehouse.

Automate your data workflows

Stop manually extracting data and automate your data integration without any coding. We maintain all pipelines for you and cover all API changes!

Enable data-driven decision-making

Empower everyone in your company with consistent and standardized data, automate data delivery and measure KPIs across different systems.