Have fresh data in your data warehouse, at any time!

Pipes automatically gets data from 200+ available sources in your data warehouse. With just a few clicks and without any coding.

Pipes Professional enables you to build custom data pipelines with the best-in-class SQL editor.

Centralize your data in three simple steps

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Get central access to all your data

Access data from 200+ data sources with our ready-to-use connectors and replicate it to your central data warehouse.

Automate your data workflows

Stop manually extracting data and automate your data integration without any coding. We maintain all pipelines for you and cover all API changes!

Enable data-driven decision-making

Empower everyone in your company with consistent and standardized data, automate data delivery and measure KPIs across different systems.

Leverage additional features

Create custom data pipelines with SQL, build dependent workflows, replicate data to multiple destinations and use advanced replication types.


Transform and replicate data

Create custom data pipelines that contain transformed data from several sources. Smarter replication can save costly resources in your cloud data warehouse!


Centrally coordinate complexity

Steer your complex data integration workflows from one central point of truth and eliminate the chaos of distributed workflows.


Say goodbye to data maintenance chaos!

Pipes is your reliable caretaker for ...

... getting data from all your sources

No more manual data extraction or maintenance of extraction workflows. Automate it with our ready-to-use connectors.

... creating and maintaining data pipelines

Create your data pipelines in a few clicks. We believe that data access should be an easily obtainable commodity. For everyone at transparent cost.

... having fresh data at any time

Pipes consistently delivers fresh data to your data warehouse on your desired schedule. Focus on harnessing the value of that data instead keeping it up-to-date.

... transforming data from all your sources

Centrally transform the data from all your disparate sources with SQL. Adapt the data to your needs and save costly resources in your cloud data warehouse.


... managing advanced data pipelines

For more complex scenarios, you can build your own custom data pipelines. These can contain transformed data from multiple sources. All with simple SQL.


... coordinating complex data workflows

Steer your complex data integration workflows from one central source of truth with precise overview and eliminate the chaos of distributed workflows. 


Use our data connectors to access 200+ APIs and web services

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