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Learn how SM Nutrition is saving around $700K USD per year by building a lean inventory management and analyzing sales data empowered by Pipes. 

About SM Nutrition

SMNutrition is a family-owned supplements company that operates with one goal in mind: to use the power of nutrition to improve peoples’ lives. They’re passionate about providing high-quality and affordable supplements to the people. Currently, they have over 50 wellness products to choose from which are sold on external platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay as well as in their own web shop built on Shopify. The number of products is growing rapidly!

In order to provide high-quality and affordable supplements to the people, SMNutrition depends on reliable data for

  1. Inventory management as an essential part of their business as it directly translates into purchase orders.
  2. General trends and sales trends provide information about which product is picking up on which platform – directly tying into how to purchase inventory.


  • Challenging to monitor inventory levels in Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers
  • Missing holistic view of operations across all marketplaces (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart & eBay)
  • No comprehensive insights in customer behaviour and shopping carts
  • No flexibility to adjust to different requirements


  • Automated update of accurate Amazon FBA data avoids manual data processing
  • Created stable API connections to get reliable data from all points-of-sale
  • Centralize data from all marketplaces in their DWH to analyze it with PowerBI
  • Provide the fulfillment team with all relevant data to react quickly to changing circumstances


  • Automated data flows saved $120,000 USD by freeing up 80 working hours per week
  • A lean inventory management system saved $650,000 USD by avoiding stock outs and excess inventory
  • Fresh data across all marketplaces and platforms available in PowerBI at any time
  • Efficient inventory management across borders facilitates introduction of new products and expansion to international markets

Webinar: Reduce your FBA costs - with a Lean Inventory Management

Guest speaker Drew Lewis, COO of SMNutrition solved several over- and understocking issues in an exciting and innovative way using Pipes and PowerBI. In this webinar, he shares in detail how he has achieved that.

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"I love that we get the most granular version of the data. Now I'm truly able to do what I want to do with it, whether I want to aggregate it before I bring it in or if I want to keep it as granular as it comes from Amazon."
Drew Lewis
Chief Operating Officer, Smoky Mountain Nutrition

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