Get the complete picture of all your e-commerce data

Gain meaningful insights from your data – fast and agile.

Pipes helps you to make effective and trusted decisions by centralizing all your product, customer, and marketing data. Our solution enables you to work with always-fresh data across various sources at any time.

Get central access to all your e-commerce data

Automate your data workflows

Focus on the numbers instead of data workflows

Combine product, customer, and marketing data

With Pipes you are able to easily connect to all your data sources in the areas of marketing, products and customers. Automated data retrieval provides centralized access to always up-to-date data for all your systems (BI tool, CRM, ERP, OMS, payment provider and more). The combination of campaign performance with your sales data or customer information with order data opens up new possibilities for process automation.

Reveal deep data insights and analyze data without limitations

The transformation to a truly data-driven e-commerce business starts with data automation. By automatically centralizing all your data into your data warehouse, Pipes enables easy and fast data access for your BI tool. Our data connectors deliver your data in its most granular version to build meaningful data models in infinite dimensions. Regular automatic data updates allow ad-hoc analyses with current data at any time.

Improve your cross-channel attribution analysis

An attribution of the actual marketing performance to all individual touchpoints is the key to efficient marketing. Only with centralized and unified data you are able to consider all touchpoints of your customer acquisition and customer lifecycle in your cross-channel attribution analysis right. The combined analysis of all data allows you a more targeted and cost-efficient marketing as well as a better understanding of the performance and optimization potential of all your points of sale.

How Pipes works

See how easy it is to connect all your E-Commerce data sources to your central data warehouse with Pipes. Three simple steps in less than three minutes. 

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Ready-to-use data connectors

We have developed data connectors to 200+ APIs and web services. Can’t find your connector? Reach out to us through our chat. We are continuously developing new connectors.

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