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Amazon Advertising API | Amazon Ads API connector by Pipes

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What is the Amazon Advertising API?

Amazon Advertising possibilities

  • Due Sponsored Brands you are able to advertise your brand or products with a header display for related search queries.
  • Sponsored Products enables you to place your products via a CPC (cost-per-click) bidding in the search results on Amazon.
  • With Sponsored Display you have the possibility to place your display banners on dedicated advertising space on and off the Amazon platform. 
Amazon Advertising possibilities
Amazon Advertising API | Amazon Ads-API data connector

The Amazon Ads Data Connector from Pipes

The Amazon Advertising API data connector delivers you all information about your Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products campaigns. Get all information on store, brand, products, campaign or ad group level e.g. keywords, excluding keywords, categories and more. Even reports about aggregated performance data across all your campaigns and campaign types are available automatically.

What data each section of the Amazon Advertising API can provide:

The Amazon Advertising API for Sponsored Brands delivers data about the following areas:

  • Performance reports of brand campaigns and ad-groups
  • Keywords and negative keywords
  • Product targeting, negative product targeting and product, category or brand targeting recommendations
  • Bid recommendations for products and keywords
  • Drafted campaign objects
    Created brands
  • Moderation (approval process) result for a campaign

The Amazon Advertising API for Sponsored Display provides access to:

  • Performance data from your campaigns, ad groups or product ads
  • Lists of targeting clauses or specific information about certain targeting clauses, e.g. ASIN, category or audience targeting
  • Sets of targeting recommendations, e.g. products and categories to target as well as recommended negative target clauses
  • Bid recommendations for targeting clauses

The Amazon Advertising API for Sponsored Products provides access to:

  • Performance data report to all your campaigns, ad-groups and product ads
  • All information about your campaigns, ad-groups and product ads
  • Bid recommendations
  • Your keywords and negative keywords
  • Suggested keywords on ad-group or ASIN level
  • Product targeting, negative product targeting and brand targeting recommendations

For a detailed look at the available information through the Amazon Advertising API, check out the full documentation here. If you’re missing data, a specific metric or a report please let us know and we make it available for you through our Amazon Ads data connector.

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