Amazon Brand Aggregators keep track of all their Brands' data

Amazon Brand Aggregators benefit from data-driven optimization of their brands

Amazon Brand Aggregators are in competition with thousands of other private-label sellers on the platform. But there is a huge advantage in the business model through the accumulation of large amounts of data. Pipes helps Amazon Brand Aggregators to leverage the power of data insights.

With Pipes, Amazon Aggregators can automatically collect and organize data from a huge number of Amazon Seller and Vendor accounts, such as sales data, inventory information, advertising data, customer reviews and competitor information. This enables data-driven decisions and automation on product development, internationalization, pricing, and marketing strategies as well as streamlined logistics and lean FBA and DF inventory management.

Amazon Brand Aggregators ETL

Get central access to all Amazon Seller & Vendor accounts

Add new Amazon Brands to your data model automatically

Always up-to-date Amazon data for your metadata ETL approach

One central access to all Amazon data for Amazon Brand Aggregators

Fully automated data workflows free up resources for optimizing the growth of your Amazon Brands. The Pipes connectors provide the full bandwidth of the Amazon Selling Partner API and the Amazon Advertising API to deliver frequently all available data automatically. Regular retrieval of all data in a central data warehouse means permanent access to always up-to-date Amazon business data.

Automatic data configuration of newly acquired Amazon Brands

Amazon Brand Aggregators regularly acquire a large number of new brands. Custom SQL automation enables fast duplication of already existing configurations and saves time on integrating newly acquired Amazon Brands into the data model. With our SQL editor, it's also possible to create a variety of other custom SQL jobs and complex data workflows and execute them interdependently.

Breaking up Amazon’s data silos

Full control of most granular Amazon Seller and Vendor data gives you unlimited scope for your data analysis and monitoring. In Amazon Seller and Vendor Central as well as in the Amazon Advertising Dashboard, it is not possible to blend data. With Pipes Brand Aggregators get the possibility to conduct combined data analysis and gain deeper insights than with the predefined Amazon dashboards.

Case Study:

Brand Aggregator Boosed Commerce

Learn how Boosted Commerce quickly evolved into one of the world’s largest brand aggregators by automating all data integration processes with Pipes Professional

"The game changer for us was the ability to use the Code Editor in Pipes Professional. It allowed us to automate the process of creating the same Jobs for each of our brands. The tool was really, really helpful and allowed us to scale much more quickly."

Pipes is an official Software Partner and Service Partner of Amazon

Pipes enables Amazon Brand Aggregators, Agencies, Sellers and Vendors to access the Amazon SP-API and the Amazon Advertising API to load all their Amazon data automatically into their central data warehouse on a regular basis.

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How Pipes works for Amazon Brand Aggregators

See how easy it is to connect all the Amazon Seller and Vendor accounts of your Amazon Brands to your central data warehouse with Pipes. Three simple steps in less than three minutes. 

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As Amazon Brand Aggregator you could also be interested in other e-commerce data connectors like the Walmart, Shopify or eBay APIs connector. We have developed data connectors to 200+ APIs and web services. Can’t find your connector? Reach out to us through our chat. We are continuously developing new connectors.

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