Export Microsoft Dynamics 365 data with Pipes to have up-to-date ERP and CRM data available at any time

Automate Dynamics 365 data exports for regular backups to your central Data Warehouse, and
integrate with all your other data sources for comprehensive analysis.

Export Microsoft Dynamics 365 data

Dynamics 365 data export automated by Pipes

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Export Service (DES) has enabled MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and CRM application users to export their data from Microsoft’s Dataverse to an Azure SQL data warehouse. Having all Dynamics 365 data in Azure helped BI departments build comprehensive reporting and monitoring enriched with data from other sources.
In November 2022 Microsoft deprecated its Data Export Service…

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user, you are now able to export Microsoft Dynamics 365 data for the Business Central and CRM applications with our ready-to-use data connectors automatically. Pipes regularly retrieves all your Dynamics 365 data and load it into your Azure SQL or to another relational cloud data warehouse of your choice (e.g. Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, etc.).

Besides the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data connectors Pipes provides connectors to more than 200 other web services and APIs. This enables you to blend your Dynamics 365 Business Central or CRM data with all other data of your business to conduct joint data analysis for deeper business insights. 

How to export Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central data and load it into your data warehouse

See how easy it is to connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps to your data warehouse and export your data with Pipes.
Three simple steps in just a couple of minutes. 

Connect Your

Data Warehouse

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MS Dynamics 365

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How to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central APIa
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Automate the Dynamics 365 data export

Merge Dynamics 365 data with all your other data

Grant any BI tool access to all Dynamics 365 data

Pipes' Dynamics 365 CRM and Business Central connectors

Pipes provides data connectors for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 APIs to easily connect to your Sales and Business Central applications.
Export all CRM and ERP data frequently and load it into your central data warehouse automatically.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM connector

Dynamics 365 Sales

All data related to your lead generation, contact management, and sales automation processes.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Your complete marketing campaigns, performance and process data to enrich it with sales data and other conversion-related information.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Properties and relationships for the objects of your customer interactions, queries, agent activities and performance, service channels and many more.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

All data on field service cases, agents and their activities to combine with your service, contact and customer data.

Export Microsoft Dynamics 365 data from Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Provides all resource management relevant data such as financial events, supply chain information, sales performance, customer service activities, budget plannning and more.

If you are missing specific data or a connector for exporting Microsoft Dynamics data from other Dynamics 365 applications please reach out to us. On request, we develop new connectors and expand the existing ones as quickly as possible.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 connectors are subject to the API limits set by Microsoft for their OData web services.

For this reason, we are always working to optimize our users’ API usage in consideration of such limits. Pipes uses various technologies to reduce rate-limit errors and API throttling cases.

Ready-to-use data connectors​

We have developed data connectors to 200+ APIs and web services. Can’t find your connector? Reach out to us through our chat. We are continuously developing new connectors.

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