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Walmart Marketplace API data connector

The Walmart API connector from Pipes

The Walmart Marketplace API provides you access to all data about your Walmart Seller business. The Walmart API connector from Data Virtuality Pipes gives you the possibility to connect your Walmart account to your data warehouse without any coding. Pre-built data schemas facilitate the selection of data that should be retrieved automatically on a regular basis.

Through the Walmart API connector you retrieve data from the following sections:

Utility APIs

The Walmart Utility APIs (Department, Category and Taxonomy by spec API) provide you with information about all available Departments, Categories and the right classification of your products into categories and subcategories.

Order Management API

Walmart’s Order Management API delivers you all relevant data about your orders, customers, shipment and the current fulfillment status.

Walmart Fulfilment Services (WFS) API

Through the Walmart Fulfilment Services (WFS) API Pipes provides you with all information about the orders that are processed via the Walmart Fulfilment. Please be aware that Pipes does not cover the creation capabilities provided by Walmart’s WFS API.

Inventory API

With the Walmart Inventory API you are able to stay up to date on your inventory at your own storage as well as on the stock at each of the Walmart fulfillment centers.

Lag Time API (Order <> Shipping)

The Lag Time API delivers the time between the actual order and the shipping for a certain SKU.


The Walmart APIs offer also different pre-generated reports e.g.: Item report (all available information about each of your SKUs), Item Performance report (performance data on SKU level), Reconciliation report (all payment and order reconciliation), Buy Box report (buy box information of your items) and Return Item Override report (information about overrides for all you items).

For a detailed look at the available Walmart seller information, check out the full Walmart API documentation here. If you’re missing data, a specific metric or a report Walmart provides please let us know and we make it available for you through our Walmart data connector.

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