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Connect your data warehouse

This will be the destination of all data pipelines. Pipes supports almost all known, cloud-based relational data warehouses. Even if you want to use your on-premise data warehouse you can connect it through an SSH tunnel.

Connect your data sources

Unlock access to your data sources by simply entering the associated credentials in the connector wizards. Pipes offers 200+ data sources, of which some may require an assisted setup. This will be handled by our support in minutes!

Create your data pipelines

For creating data pipelines between a source and your database you can use our pre-built data schemas. A preview will show you the data contained in the selected schema. Pipes will create a table according to the chosen schema in your data warehouse. The data gets updated according to your desired schedule.

Create custom data pipelines

Pipes Professional enables you to build custom data pipelines with SQL. Additional features next to the code editor include advanced replication types, advanced scheduling, job dependencies and using multiple data warehouses. Not to forget, the dark mode that protects your eyes when writing code!


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