Gain trust from your clients through speed & flexibility

Save time on data preparation, which you can invest directly in your clients’ needs.

In the very competitive agency market, time and flexibility became two rare privileges. But Pipes helps you to gain these privileges and thereby outrun your competition as well as increase the trust of your clients.

How? By centralizing all your clients’ data in one place to build automated client reportings, monitor all campaigns in a central dashboard, and much more. This way, you cannot only provide quicker answers to your clients’ requests but also focus more on optimizing your clients’ ROMI.

Get central access to all your clients data

Fully automate your client reportings

Focus on the numbers instead of data workflows

One Central Access To Data Of All Clients

In the agency landscape, a lot of different data sources exist: marketing and social media platforms, different web analytics suites and tracking systems etc. Pipes enables you the one place where the data from all your clients is centralized and accessible so it can be analyzed right away: the single source of truth.

Comprehensive Campaign Monitoring From A Single Source

Campaign monitoring is an essential part of marketing agencies in order to optimize the performance on the one hand and to ensure that the campaigns are running within the budget on the other hand. However, with so many different clients, campaigns, channels it is a big challenge to get the full picture in one report/dashboard. Pipes is the basis of your scalable BI infrastructure that enables automatic data centralization so you don’t have to waste your time on tedious, manual data retrieval and preparation.

Automatic Data Integration Process

The number of channels used in agencies is huge. One big challenge is the manual process of integrating all data in one place. This process is mostly error-prone and very time consuming. The APIs of your data sources change a lot and you cannot have an API expert for each channel if you want to stay profitable. Pipes is an easy to use solution that enables quick on-boarding and increases efficiency for data-driven businesses by automatically providing always up-to-date data in one place. Furthermore, all API connectors are fully maintained by us so that you can fully concentrate on working with your clients’ data.

Deeper Insights Through Combined Data Analytics

The analysis capabilities in platform dashboards as well as the number of dimensions in web analytics suites are limited. And with all the client, campaign, channel,... data the limit is reached fairly easily and you won’t be able to conduct deep dive analysis. By joining multiple tracking systems - on-site or any other tracking system on your or your clients’ end, Pipes enables advanced campaign monitoring possibilities. Through automatic data centralization, Pipes provides the basis for the usage of a comprehensive BI tool with full analytics, monitoring and reporting capabilities for all your clients’ data.

How Pipes works

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Ready-to-use data connectors

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