Outperform your competition with always-fresh marketplace data

Connect all your points of sale to your central database and retrieve all marketplace data automatically

Pipes automates your data retrieval and unification process by connecting all marketplaces where you sell with your data warehouse. The access to always up-to-date and reliable marketplace data enables you to operate systems and processes with automated data processing for instance in inventory management, order management or in sales analysis.

Get central access to all your marketplace data

Automate your data workflows and get rid of manual extractions

Become a truly data-driven marketplace business

Improve your inventory and fulfilment management

Marketplace Sellers who are using the fulfilment centres of marketplace providers like Amazon (FBA) or Walmart (WFS) benefit from an accurate monitoring of the stocks. With up-to-date order data and stock levels, Sellers are able to build an efficient inventory management system which considers sales trends, restock limits and all fulfilment fees incurred.

Keep track of your expansion to international marketplaces

With Pipes you are able to connect to additional marketplaces in just a few clicks. Whether you're looking to expand internationally or to other vendors, our data connectors give you the ability to retrieve your seller data from all marketplaces and join it in your data warehouse. This allows you to keep track of your inventory across borders, enabling you to track cross-border stock movements to monitor the delivery thresholds relevant for turnover tax liability.

Get the real insights, not just the marketplace dashboards

Not only are the analytics capabilities of vendor dashboards limited, they don't offer the ability to analyze data from multiple marketplaces, much less multiple vendors, in combination. By centralizing all your data about orders, products, fulfillment, financial activities and more from all the marketplaces you sell on, you get the full picture of your marketplace business. You will be able to identify sales trends and patterns in customer behavior across all your points-of-sale.

How Pipes works

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We have developed data connectors to 200+ APIs and web services. Can’t find your connector? Reach out to us through our chat. We are continuously developing new connectors.

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