How to load your data from 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) to Parquet File

Pipes allows you to automatically replicate your 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) data into Parquet File on your defined schedule.
Load all your data from 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) to Parquet File to instantly get access to your 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) data. This data will always be updated on your defined schedule.
Pipes allows you to automatically load your 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) data into Parquet File. With ready-to-use connectors and pre-built data schemas for more than 200 APIs and web services you build data pipelines in minutes and without any coding. ​

Connect to Parquet File

This will be the destination of all data pipelines you build. Besides Parquet File, Pipes supports the most used relational databases in the cloud and on-premises.

Connect to 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central)

Just enter your credentials to allow Pipes access to the 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) API. Then Pipes is able to retrieve your data from 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central).

Create a data pipeline from 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) to Parquet File

Pipes lets you select the data from 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) you want to have in Parquet File. This pipeline will run automatically on your defined schedule!

About 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central)

3PL Warehouse Manager, formerly known as 3PL Central, is a leading warehouse management system designed specifically for third-party logistics warehouses to manage and automate their daily operations. This software enables efficient handling of inventory, orders, and billing, allowing 3PL providers to optimize workflows and enhance overall productivity. It’s a scalable and robust solution, adapting to varied logistical needs and facilitating the seamless execution of warehouse operations. Integrating this system with our belonging 3PL Warehouse Manager (3PL Central) API data connector can substantially elevate its utility, providing seamless access and integration of data across platforms. This allows businesses to derive enhanced insights, ensure accurate real-time visibility, and optimize operational performance, thereby driving the success of logistical endeavors and client satisfaction.

About Parquet File

Apache Parquet is an open-source data repository of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. It is comparable to the other columnar storage formats RCFile and Optimized RCFile available in Hadoop. It is compatible with most data processing frameworks in the Hadoop environment. It provides efficient data compression and encryption systems with improved performance for processing complex data in large volumes.

Your benefits with Pipes

Get central access to all your data

Access data from 200+ data sources with our ready-to-use connectors and replicate it to your central data warehouse.

Automate your data workflows

Stop manually extracting data and automate your data integration without any coding. We maintain all pipelines for you and cover all API changes!

Enable data-driven decision-making

Empower everyone in your company with consistent and standardized data, automate data delivery and measure KPIs across different systems.