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amazon advertising placements and options

Amazon Advertising Targeting & Placements

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Exploring the potential of the Amazon Advertising platform

As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon serves as a hub for countless transactions and interactions. This offers advertisers a golden opportunity to tap into a vast pool of data and reach millions of potential customers. Amazon Advertising provides a comprehensive platform for advertisers to engage in strategic advertising, employing sophisticated targeting and a variety of ad types. This article explores the possibilities provided by Amazon Advertising, focusing on the targeting options and diverse advertising solutions.

Targeting capabilities on Amazon Advertising

Understanding your target audience is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. Amazon Advertising excels in this regard, offering a host of targeting options:

Keyword Targeting: 

Advertisers can target Amazon ads based on specific keywords that customers use in their search queries. This approach allows advertisers to capture the attention of consumers actively seeking related products.

Product Targeting: 

Amazon advertisers can target ads to customers interested in specific products or categories, increasing the likelihood of reaching an audience that is already inclined towards their offerings.

Interest-Based Targeting: 

This feature allows advertisers to target users based on their browsing and purchasing behavior on Amazon.

Demographic Targeting: 

Advertisers can choose to display their ads to specific demographic groups, segmented by age, gender, household income, and more.

Audience Lookalike Targeting: 

This sophisticated feature enables advertisers to reach new customers who share similar characteristics with their existing customer base.

By utilizing these targeting capabilities, advertisers can ensure that their ads reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing the impact of their campaigns.

Advertising Solutions on Amazon

Amazon Advertising provides a range of advertising solutions to fit the unique needs and goals of advertisers. Here are some of the key offerings:

Sponsored Products: 

These ads are product-specific and are targeted based on keywords and products. They appear on search results pages and product detail pages, driving traffic to the advertised product.

Sponsored Brands: 

Sponsored Brands are banner ads that appear on top of search results, helping advertisers build brand awareness. These ads can showcase a collection of products or tell a brand story, redirecting customers to the brand’s page or a custom landing page.

Sponsored Display: 

These are display ads that can reach customers on and off Amazon. Employing automatic targeting, Sponsored Display ads appear to customers who have viewed specific products or related categories, helping to re-engage potential customers

Amazon Ads placements


This feature allows brands to create their own multi-page store on Amazon, free of cost. It’s an excellent tool for brand storytelling and showcasing a brand’s product portfolio.

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform): 

Amazon DSP is a programmatic advertising platform that allows advertisers to buy display and video ads programmatically across Amazon sites and apps as well as third-party sites.

The breadth of Amazon’s advertising solutions allows businesses to reach their target audience in various ways, be it through product-focused ads, brand campaigns, or engaging multimedia content.

Amazon Advertising data automation

While Amazon Advertising provides a robust platform for reaching a vast customer base, its analytics capabilities do possess certain limitations. One key constraint is that Amazon Advertising only retains data for a limited period of 60 days. This reduces the possibility of conducting comprehensive long-term trend analysis. Overcoming these limitations, however, becomes feasible by centralizing Amazon Advertising data in your own data warehouse using Pipes. 

Amazon Ads API connector Pipes

Pipes allows for the preservation of all historical advertising data, paving the way for an in-depth, long-term trend analysis that can yield more profound performance insights over time. These insights can form the foundation of more effective, data-driven marketing strategies. Additionally, a centralized data warehouse simplifies the process of integrating this data with other business information, giving a more holistic view of your operations and customer interactions. The Amazon Advertising API connector from Pipes ensures automated data transfer and synchronization, thus enhancing the reliability of your data and reducing the risk of manual handling errors. With your own data warehouse, you’re not restricted to Amazon’s in-built analytics; you can freely choose any analytics tool that best suits your needs, thereby maximizing the flexibility and utility of your data.

Pipes is an official Software Partner and Service Partner of Amazon

Pipes enables Amazon Sellers and Vendors to access the Amazon SP-API to load all their Amazon data automatically into their data warehouse on a regular basis.


Amazon Advertising offers a world of possibilities for advertisers. With its advanced targeting capabilities and a variety of advertising solutions, it allows businesses to create customized, data-driven advertising strategies that effectively reach their intended audience. Whether you’re looking to drive product sales, increase brand awareness, or re-engage customers, Amazon Advertising has the tools to help you achieve your goals. In an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape, leveraging these capabilities is key to staying ahead and realizing your full potential on Amazon’s vast marketplace. Moreover, integrating a tool like Pipes to centralize Amazon Advertising data into your own data warehouse is a game-changer. It enables in-depth, long-term analysis and flexibility in choosing analytics tools, thereby enhancing your strategies and staying competitive in the e-commerce arena.

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