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Pipes version 4.6.0

Pipes version 4.6.0 is released

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We're delighted to announce the Data Virtuality Pipes 4.6.0 release, which includes many new features, improvements, updates of APIs to the latest versions, and bug fixes to make your experience with Pipes even more efficient and enjoyable. In this post, you'll find a short overview of the most important updates and additions and a complete list of tasks and issues we've worked on just for this release.

Managed Data Warehouse Option

If you want to try Pipes out but don’t have your Data Warehouse (or don’t want to use it for testing purposes), now you can use a preconfigured BigQuery data warehouse provided and managed by Data Virtuality. This means you can start testing Pipes right away. If you decide to create your BigQuery data warehouse after the end of the trial period, you’ll also have the possibility to transfer your data from the test data warehouse to your own. Please note that the option is available for Trial users. For productive use, we expect that the data be moved to the data warehouse owned by the customer – our support is happy to help with the migration. 

Improved Data Preview

We’ve expanded the data preview for newly created pipelines to include more information. Now it has two sections: pipeline properties (displaying the target data warehouse, pipeline name, and schedule) and table or template properties (showing information on parameters, table structure, and table preview). The new preview makes it easier to see which data a pipeline provides before running it. 

Job Editing using Wizard

We’ve enabled wizard-based editing of jobs that extract data from connectors. Now, you can easily fine-tune any job and change the parameters using the editing wizard rather than changing the SQL code.

Amazon Vendor Central and Selling Partner API Support

Good news for Amazon Vendors and Sellers: you can now easily add Amazon Vendor Central as a data source with data coming from the brand new Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API). Speaking of the SP-API, we have also added several best practice template sets to help you get the most out of your data without setting up jobs individually.

Pipes is an official Software Partner and Service Partner of Amazon

Pipes enables Amazon Sellers and Vendors to access the Amazon SP-API to load all their Amazon data automatically into their data warehouse on a regular basis.

High-precision Definition of CRON-based Schedules

Last but not least, the new version includes web-based editing of CRON-based schedules with up to 1-second granularity. This means you have more flexibility in defining schedules and the possibility to schedule jobs as often as once per second. This feature is available to customers with the Pro plan.

The release also includes more than 100 smaller fixes for the user interface, connectors, and other functionality. 

If you have more feature requests or want to view our released and upcoming features and provide feedback, you’re welcome to look at our product portal.

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